Internetica Galactica 2

Surviving the rewriting


Hi again, thanks for visiting another one of my pages! This one has all sorts of links to other people their websites. Some of these people are my friends, other websites I have no idea who maintains them. In both cases, I think they are worth sharing, so here we are!

My friends

A website made by Sebastiaan. A massive Linux fanboy, runs Gentoo on his ThinkPad. Absolutely based. His website is written in Lisp, that's why it's often offline. That was the inspiration for the online/offline status text.


The website made by ■■■■■■, whoops Nymphali. They have an awesome minimalist website that's just lovely.


Website made by Kristy. Very cute website, I love it! Keep up the awesome work!


Kyu made this website, he's a friend of mine as well! Still very new, but their dark mode design is very cool!

Other cool websites

These websites are not necessarily made by people I know. They are just random websites I have found on the internet or websites from organisations I support.

A VERY cool website made by Ylimegirl! They wrote a whole website dedicated to Evillious Chronicles, which is a super good Japanese light novel and vocaloid series!! Definitely look it up!

The official website of the GNU project. They advocate for free/libre software. This is not to be confused with 'open source' software. I highly recommend you read about them and their efforts.

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